Independent living at your own pace.

Encounter unique life experiences in a supportive and engaging shared living environment.




Everyone deserves to live in the least restrictive environment possible.

Community Access

We're here to help! Have questions or just want to talk? Don't hesitate to reach out. 



There's more than one way to Cohome - there's three! Select the program that best meets your needs. 

We welcome diversity in interests, abilities, background, and perspective, afterall that's how we create community. 

Residential Program

We welcome residents of all abilities and encourage our residents to take part in creating their own support plan tailored to their own unique needs. Whether you stay with us for a year or a lifetime, your dignity, goals, and enjoyment are our priority.

Immersion Program

The Immersion Program lets individuals with disabilities try out Cohome living at their own pace. Because everyone is unique! Starting with day-time visits and graduating to overnight stays, participants are made to feel a part of our Cohome family. 

Residential Advisor

Residential Advisors (RAs) are peers, role models, and advisors. RAs volunteer to create inclusive and engaging activities and to hold down the fort. In exchange for doing their part, RAs get a free room.  


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It's about creating the least restrictive environment for  everyone. It's normal living. And that's what makes it special.

- Nathaniel, Cohome Executive Director