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Stories are how we connect to each other, our histories, and our futures. These impactful stories capture what inclusive co-living is all about; community, dignity, friendship and so much more. 



Hi, my name is Hannah. I am 28 years old. I have lived at Cohome for a little over a year now and it’s like having my own apartment. I like to bake in the kitchen and hang out on the front porch. I come home from my job and relax in my own bed. I really like the activities at Cohome. Shared meal is my favorite. I like when we go out together and game night. I really like Tuesday nights, and enjoy all the activities I get to participate in.

Cohome housemate

Doris & Joe

Parents of a Cohome housemate

Nick was invited to Cohome’s first ‘Friendsgiving’ where I reconnected with a former colleague, whose son was already living at Cohome.  We were encouraged by all he and his wife shared about their experience. A few months later, we received a call that there was a room available for Nick, and he began the process of becoming a resident. Nick had never slept out of our house, other than with family and at a best friend’s house. We both felt we had found a safe place with an engaging environment, not just for our son to live, but to grow. It’s been over a year since Nick became a resident and he speaks about the Friendsgivings, the Festival on the Green, Halloween on the Porch, and many of the events he participates in, with great anticipation for the next one.

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How has inclusive coliving impacted you?

Reach out and tell us your story. 


Cohome Residential Advisor

I feel really fortunate to get to be a Residential Advisor at Cohome, where I am a part of a team that supports residents with and without disabilities. We have tons of fun cooking together and doing activities out in the community. Most recently, we went to Turtle Back Zoo and had a blast! 


What I love about Cohome is that it brings together and empowers people of all abilities, which I believe benefits Morristown as a whole. I hope to see inclusive living environments like Cohome expand, so that other communities beyond Morristown can benefit from the many strengths neurodiverse individuals bring to the table.


Morris County Sherrif James Gannon

Cohome is already doing what many have talked about doing for years. They are integrating people with developmental disabilities into our society, giving them an opportunity to live independently and an ability to socialize. For some, it may even lead to employment opportunities. But, for all it provides a chance to become a meaningful part or our community.

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