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Join the (extended) Family

The Cohome Social Club is a chance to be yourself, together! Each week we get together to talk about what's important to us, do activities we find meaningful (or just fun), and to go on adventures. Our Social Club is self-directed meaning our members take the lead with our Life Skills Mentors simply present to facilitate. 

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The Secret Sauce

Our philosophy is pretty simply - by allowing Social Club members to take the lead we learn social skills by being social! Supported by our dedicated Life Skills Mentors members make friendships, learn life skills, and develop confidence. 

Features & Benefits


Housemates individualize their schedule and receive supports when they're needed.



As in everything we do, our housemates lead the way knowing our staff are there to guide social learning. 


Small group sizes

Location is almost everything. Enjoy easy access to employment opportunities, transportation, stores, and more!


Specially-designed living spaces create an inspiring environment for interactions and shared experiences.


Annual membership

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Exclusive access

Our "extended family" is a supportive group that volunteers, leads activities, and advocates for inclusion.


Adventure Awaits

Each month we head out on an adventure to learn, laugh and engage. Members propose and vote on activities. Midieval Times anyone? 

Frequently Asked Questions

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